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Wholly Guacamole!!

Two years ago my friend Alex made me try guacamole… Holy Sh!t I love the stuff! How did I live the first 24 years of my life without avocados?!

Problem: I can’t shouldn’t eat a whole batch of guac by myself and with the hubs working 12-hour night shifts, he’s not home to help. Also, guac looks gross if you leave it in the fridge overnight.

Solution: Wholly Guacamole!

These delicious 100-calorie packets are made with all natural ingredients (Hass Avocados, Jalapeno Puree (white vinegar, jalapeno peppers, salt) Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic). I was a little worried about the Jalapeno Puree since I’m someone who cannot handle spicy food. However, the little kick is just enough (sometimes I do add cilantro to it for a little extra pop). These suckers are perfect for me. I can pull one out and it’s not only portion controlled, but I don’t have to worry about the rest of the box going bad overnight (I think the box I bought had 6 packets). Also, easy clean up 🙂

(1 packet Wholly Guac & 24 Tostitos bite-size chips = 240 cals)


Ricotta Cheese and Fruit?

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When my sister told me she was eating ricotta cheese with blueberries for breakfast, my first thought was “gross!”. Then my mom started eating healthier and told me she liked it too. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try… I actually love it! I had 1/2 cup of fat-free ricotta cheese topped with frozen blackberries (that I microwaved for a few seconds and blended). I did add a touch of Splenda because the fruit wasn’t very sweet. It was less than 100 calories, tasted good, and was surprisingly filling. I’m now starting to look for more dessert recipes that include ricotta. Have you used it for a sweet dish?