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Skinny Bitch

(source : Sweet Trade)

If the first step is admitting you have a problem, then I’m a skinny bitch (don’t worry I’m working on it).

I’ve always known I was a “skinny bitch”. Someone who wants to lose weight and feels fat even though they are skinny to begin with. I’ve also judged others based on their size. And while I’ve felt bad about talking about wanting to lose weight when my starting weight was less than most people’s goals, it didn’t stop me from thinking about it. Lately, however, I’ve had some experiences that have really changed the way I look at myself and others and I feel the need to share…

My recent weight loss is probably more noticeable since I was smaller to begin with. So it wasn’t long before people were making comments about how good I was looking. At first I LOVED it. It was great motivation. Yesterday, however, when the same guy at work made a comment about how thin I was looking, it really annoyed me. I realized that I was loving them noticing the results of me eating healthy and working out… not just that I was thinner.

Add to that a few days ago I tried on a pair of my old work pants. One of the main reasons I wanted to lose weight was to fit back into these expensive clothes so that I didn’t have to buy a new wardrobe (if when I get a new job). While I could get both pairs on, they were too tight around the hips to look professional. This really upset me. After recently losing over 10lbs, I’ve been feeling really thin and these stupid pants go and make me feel fat. Then I looked at the size… one was a fucking size 2. Yes, the brand sizes big (probably so you feel thin), but I realized I don’t even want to be a size 2. Why am I upset that the damn thing didn’t fit?!

Lastly (and most importantly), I recently discovered Anna’s amazing blog, Curvy Yoga. I teared up while reading today’s post about her almost trying a ridiculous fad diet because of being judged and criticized by so many people. I’m one of those people that thought that overweight individuals just didn’t care about being healthy. Not only has her blog made me realize how overly critical I’ve been to a whole group of people, but she also made me think about my own body issues. If someone who is constantly fighting against society’s standards of health and beauty can learn to love their body, why can’t I?

I’m hoping that the realizations that I’ve had over the last few days lead to more acceptance not just of my own body, but of others who are beautiful no matter what size their tag says.

top 5 honeys {reply to Y is for Yogini’s drool worthy post}

Y is for Yogini posted her top 5 honeys she’d love to savasana with in honor of the the month of love. While I could have just posted my list in her comments section, I wouldn’t have had an excuse to look up pictures of my choices 🙂

{in no particular order}

1. Ian Somerhalder

2. Ryan Kwanten

3. Alexander Skarsgård

4. Bradley Cooper

5. Ryan Reynolds

Now head over to Y is for Yogini and see who her 5 were

and let her know who you’d like to savasana with!


My Happiness Journal

Before I go to bed each night, I write down what made me happy that day. I started this back in 2008 and have kept up with it on and off since then. I’ve recently picked up this amazing habit again. Sometimes what made me happy was simple like something I ate. Other times it’s Shane doing something sweet. Maybe my favorite song played twice on the radio at work that day. Whatever it was, I take a few minutes to write them down and then go to bed with those thoughts on the day in my head.

Here’s my Happiness Journal:

Best part about it?

The inside cover is full of post-its the hubs left around the house for me to find one morning 🙂

Do you journal before bed?

How do you celebrate the moments that make you happy?

What Happened?!

After spending a lot of time and energy setting this blog up, I barely used it. Part of my goals this year for my book blog is to step away from it and focus some of that energy on other things in my life. This is one of those things that probably needs that attention back.

As of the new year I’ve started working out and practicing yoga again. I’ve also begun counting calories and attempting to eat healthier as well.

I haven’t been in a very good place both emotionally and physically for a while and there is no time like now to work on myself.

Amazon PayPhrase

So the book budget wasn’t going so well… unlimited access to books with my debit card number already saved = VERY DANGEROUS. I’m not going to add up how much I spend this month because I might cry. Instead I did something smart. I searched for a way to set an allowance for myself. Enter Amazon PayPhrase! You can set up to 20 accounts all linked to your Amazon account. Ideally you could use this for purchasing from elsewhere on the web without having to give your credit card number away. For me, the setting of allowances is perfect. I set how much I want to spend each month, if I want the extra to roll over, and if each purchase needs to be approved. I’m guessing this is used more for children than for bookaholics… Let’s see if this works!

For more info on Amazon PayPhrase, go here!

Book Budget – Week 1

I’ve given myself a monthly book budget of $40. This works out to be $10 a week. I spent this week’s money on the first day of the week… not good. I blame my Kindle and the ability to get books instantly. This is not a good excuse since it was the exact reason I got a book budget.

I’ll be updating my budget list at least once a month (hopefully weekly).

Do you have a book budget?


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