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Being Present {Music – Divenire}

My greatest challenge is staying present. My mind is constantly wandering. I think about the past. Mostly I worry about the future. I didn’t realize how much this affected my daily life until I began to focus on it during yoga and meditation. While it is insanely frustrating during those practices, it’s even more so while I’m reading, working, talking with friends, etc. While I probably noticed being distracted, I did not realize how much it was taking away from my life.

My favorite aphorism (so far) from A Year of Living Your Yoga is “Suffering comes from our unwillingness to be present.” From what little I’ve begun to read about Buddhism, it also focuses on living in the now.

Yes, my yoga and meditation are helping. Realizing you have a problem is the biggest step, right? I also want to do small things in my day to day life to help get me on track. First up, listening to a full song and only listening to the song. I sat in a comfortable seated position and put on one of my favorite songs. I let my body sway or move however it wanted while trying to not notice. I focused on the notes. When I felt myself drift, I came back to the music much like I do with my breath in yoga/meditation. I’m not planning on doing this every day, but at least a few times a week. Aside from working on my attention span, it’s also really relaxing.

Song for today:


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