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One-Moment Meditation {Week 1}

{source : Svenmarck}

Having made it though the first week, I’m about 5 days further in than I made it last time. Go me! I’m still unsure of how I want to summarize things on here so I’m just going to post a brief description of what we learned that day and what I journaled and see how this goes…

01 –Introduced the Basic Minute. Get in a comfortable seated position with a timer. Focus on your breath.

  • went by really fast / mind wander quite a bit

02 –What to do with your mind? Clear your thoughts and continue to come back to your breath.

  • again went really fast / is OK to use yoga breathing (ujjayi)? / don’t do right after yoga again

03 –What to do with your body? Sit in a comfortable position. Don’t let your legs dangle so that they can sway if in a chair. Sit up straight without feeling stiff.

  • felt long today / can I use mantras?

04 –What happens in a minute? You relax a little, improve your ability to focus, and you are clearing some space in your mind.

  • recalled something I had forgotten to do and let it go

05 –Warm-up and cool-down. Stretch or shake out tension prior to getting into position to set your intention. Take your time coming out of your peaceful minute.

  • made Shane practice with me

06 –Nothing. Striving for nothingness during your meditation.

  • had problems letting my surroundings sink in without dwelling on them

07 –Silence. How to deal with the sounds around you. “The point of this is that we can experience the sound around us not as interference in our lives, but as an expression of the life from which we are not separate.”

  • mind drifted, but was able to come back to my breath

On to Week 2!

Any suggestions on how I can better do these posts?


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