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#365yoga {01.26 – 01.29}

source : Gosia Janik

I posted a few days ago about starting #365yoga and while I’m journaling each morning about the previous day, I think I’m going to just do weekly summaries on Sundays for the blog. If you are participating in #365yoga and Tweeting/blogging, please let me know so I can follow your journey!

This was a short week due to my starting the program on Wednesday. This was the perfect day for me to start. 01.26 reminds us of the need for consistency of discipline and challenges us to practice for the following 21 days without missing a single one. I’ve already had a few days where I’ve been hesitant to get on my mat. However, I’m always glad I did afterward. I’m also shocked at how asking myself to stop and pay attention to my feelings on a particular day has already started a habit of doing it the following days as well. I love taking a second to close my eyes and feel happy or confident or even angry.

Favorite Lesson: Creating an intention for my practice.

While I really enjoyed and needed the reminder to find intention for my practice on Thursday. I’m concerned about using the same intention every time. Not that this would be terrible, but I feel like I should find a variation in order to expand my practice further. Do you have any suggestions for intentions?

Most Challenging Lesson: Noticing resistance to my life.

I was a little confused about this one. Was I supposed to notice negative thoughts? What does it mean to resist your life?

How did your week of #365yoga go?

*I picked this image for the week due to Luna’s aversion to my doing yoga. She’s been very vocal while I’m trying to meditate.


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