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Surya Namaskar A {Sun Salutation A}

Surya Namaskar A {Sun Salutation A} is the beginning sequence of an Ashtanga yoga practice. It should be repeated 5 times before moving on to Surya Namaskar B.

{Find a video of Sun Salutation A at the bottom of the post.}

– I’m going to cheat this week and just add links to descriptions of the poses. –

1. Tadasna – Mountain Pose (link)

  • notes to self : remember to keep all four corners of the foot equally rooted, you can start with your feet hip width apart until your balance is better

2. Urdhva Hastasana – Upward Salute (link)

  • if you cannot keep your arms straight and your shoulders back then lower your arms in front of you until you can

3. Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend (link)

  • bend from the hit keeping the back straight only curve head towards shins once bent over

4. Ardha Uttanasana – Half Standing Pose (link)

5. Plank Pose (link)

  • can start with half-plank pose (on knees) and work your way to full plank pose

6. Chaturanga Dandasana – Four-Limbed Staff Pose (link)

  • can lower yourself to your stomach and work towards this

7. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward-Facing Dog (link)

8. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward-Facing Dog (link)

  • hold for 5 breaths – if you can comfortably hold this pose with your heels on the floor for all 5 breaths then place your feet further back

9. Ardha Uttanasana

10. Uttanasana

11. Urdhva Hastasana

12. Tadasna



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