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Practice at Home – iRelax Melodies

I’ve been working towards practicing yoga at home without being led. I’ll be sure to post about what podcast and DVDs I use in the near future. However, this week I wanted to introduce you to an iPhone app called iRelax Melodies. You simply click on the types of sounds you want to hear to add them together into one beautiful melody. You can save favorites, set a sleep timer or alarm, shake to shuffle. My favorite mix is flute, orchestral, zen, and melody. However, they also have piano, waterfall, thunder, night, fire, river, ocean, rain, wind, music box, lounge, and birds that call all be mixed together how ever you want.

Here is an online review I came across of the Premium app that also includes images of the app. (there is also a lite app that is free)


One response to “Practice at Home – iRelax Melodies

  1. yogabyandrea March 18, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Thanks for the tip! I don’t have an iPhone but I’m sure I can find a similar app for my phone. I notice that I have such a hard time with concentration and balance when I listen to music with lyrics in English. I end up focusing on the song instead of my breath or pose. Probably something I need to work on!


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